Martin Luebke

SOS rörläggeri Stenungsund was formed in 2019 by Martin Luebke. Martin is from Scotland and moved here with his family some years before this. He owned a successful plumbing and heating company in the Glasgow area for 15 years before selling up and moving to the west coast with his family.

In his previous business Martin worked with many types of plumbing and heating systems and has gained extensive expererience in all areas of the trade. His main goal was to build good relationships with customers and maintain a service for them. He now hopes he can do the same here in Sweden.

At SOS rörlaggeri we are forward thinking when it comes to technology and have the knowlege and interest to put this into action for our customers. The main aim is to make things safer and more efficient which ultimately leads to savings.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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